Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God Knows

Went to bed last night and thanked God for the day and all His blessings and laid my head on the pillow. That's all I remembered until awakened by the Airedale gang at 6:15 in that insistent, not to be ignored, raise your blood pressure way they have. An Airedale standing over you, the other one pulling the covers off the bed - that's an incentive to get up.

So I let them out, and they did their thing and came back in and we all went back to bed for a little while. This is Tuesday, and it's a day of preparation - reading and studying, touching base with people, band practice later in the evening. Pretty laid back unless something happens, but that's just the way this job works. I laid back down and could not sleep. My mind would not calm down, and it took me to places I'd just as soon not go. Anxieties, fears and doubts flooded my mind and I began to pray that God would remind me that I'm His - that I operate in His strength - through His wisdom - that nothing could separate me from His love - that He was ever present and ever aware and had not changed. I prayed hard and peace came and by that time almost an hour had past. Never did get back to sleep. But I did resume thanking God.

Just a few minutes later Bunny received a text from Amy Anderson - friend, coworker for Christ, amazing teacher, great wife and mom. She wanted Bunny to pass along that her son (and our heart friend) Ian Anderson had prayed for "Brother David and people like him" this morning. 

God knows, friends. God knows. And in His Spirit, He spreads out this load we bear, and the opportunity for every single one of us to be a part of His loving response and help. When Bunny relayed that, I smiled on the outside but on the inside my soul reverberated with praise and thanksgiving. For Ian. For his parents who have brought him up to be sensitive to God and to follow Jesus.

Maybe I'm writing this today because you need to hear it. You are the "other people like him." Well, consider yourself  loved and cared for. Maybe no one else knows what you are going through.

God knows, and He's letting you know right now.

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