Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday recap 02/21/10

Really interesting Sunday on a lot of levels. Let's see:

  • We have a well pump with running water now in the lobby. 
  • May have achieved  a record for the length of the announcements. 
  • Had one of those days when the Scripture and what is happening in people's lives right then cross paths.
We're seeing the results of what the Child2Child girls led us to do right now in Africa as a well is being repaired, financed in part by New Hope. And this year the goal is to completely fund a well there. John Anderson shared how some of the kids sponsored by folks at New Hope walk several kilometers to get water. One of them said that was her favorite chore. We feel led to help. Pray for us.

Our involvement in "Buckets Of Hope" for Haiti continues as more completed buckets were placed in the lobby. A filled bucket will feed a family for a week. The SBC has distributed 20 tons of rice already through our Haitian church partners and has 40 more tons in country. Combined with medical help and now increasing help in planning reconstruction and it's great to be a part of a group making a real difference.

Child2Child is continuing (along with Niara) to help us look at human trafficking and are calling us to act to change it. Kind of fitting we sung "God of This City" given that song's background.

I guess you can see why the announcements were long. There's a lot going on at New Hope. It's all good. :) No better place to find your opportunity to work with God to change the world one heart at a time.

Song set: God of This City, Forever, A Shield About Me, It Is Well With My Soul, Jesus Paid It All

We're working through Philippians and came to the last chapter.

There's a lot in there of the "things you ought to do" category. Human effort - or trying harder in other words - won't get it done. It can only happen through the power of the Holy Spirit as we give up our schemes and plans and embrace God's way - following Jesus with heart, mind, and soul. Just to tell yourself "don't worry", will not work. But replacing that with a fixation on the goodness and grace of God? Winner.

I closed the sermon with a video of Fernando Ortega singing a tribute to Ruth Graham. It seemed to sum up so much of what Paul was hoping the Philippians (and what I'm hoping the "New-Hopians") turn out to be.

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