Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Praying Into His Presence

Most Holy God
Who waited for me so many years
Who raced to meet me when I turned in repentance
Who patiently gave your love as I opened to the ability to accept it.
Hear my prayer.

Oh Omnipotent Spirit
Who rushed hope into me
Who encouraged me and guided me on
Who continues to confront, to instruct, to inspire
Hear my prayer

My Sovereign Lord
Who died for my sins
Who touched my leprous heart and made it new
Whose words and example are my pathway for life
Hear my prayer

I come to Ash Wednesday knowing
that I could not stand before Your judgment even now
after decades of being known as a Christian
except that the blood of the sinless One
had not covered my sins

Yet I come here aware
that when I entered into the embrace of my Lord and Savior
I was forgiven
He makes all things new.

He is so good to me.

So Abba, take the offering of these Lenten Days
make them a time when my prayers for more of You are less hindered
by my sins and failings
and when I find myself each day desperately seeking
more time with You.

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