Monday, February 01, 2010

New Hope Sunday Recap 01312010

One of those days you wish you could repeat again and again. The Spirit showed up during the announcements and the love of Christ overflowed throughout the worship gathering.

Darron Fannon was introduced. Doug and Ellen adopted their former foster child and that became final during the last week. So we marked it with a note in the bulletin and an announcement from the congregation that swelled into spontaneous applause. What an example of the love of Christ lived out loud!

The Child2Child girls made an announcement about their focus for the next two months and then the Niara older girls were set to make theirs. The focus of the older girls is on human trafficking all year, and they are working with the Child2Child group for the first two months to help an organization called "Love146". They showed a great video highlighting the problem and Love146's answer. When Jamie Roberts began to speak, she was overcome with emotion. You could feel the love of Christ reaching out to her in support and approval. Just one of those moments that gives you chills.

Our music for this week:

Heart of Worship
How Can I Keep From Singing
Just As I Am

The message was from Philippians about the absolute faithfulness of God and His fidelity to finish the good work He has begun. So many people get discouraged in their walk because they put all the responsibility on their actions instead of allowing God to be God and form them into the image of Christ. Seemed to really connect with people and I had a lot of fun with the congregational involvement.

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