Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Recap 02/14/2010

Yes, I know, it's Tuesday night. LOL  Better late than never.

One of those Sunday's you'd love to repeat again and again. Great Spirit among the congregation and I felt good about what the message turned out to be. During the week as I've gone through Philippians, I've read the chapter we are focusing on again and again sometimes several times a day. Feels like I'm getting more understanding of the passages. Sometimes I can get so drawn into word studies or contextual work that I might not spend enough time just reading and reflecting on the text itself. I'm grateful that God keeps drawing me deeper into His Word. Keep praying for me friends.

Our song set this week:
He Reigns - second week in a row
Whole World In His Hands
Amazing Grace - traditional version
Come Home Running

I made a conscious decision this year to try and get more congregational participation during the message while also digging deeper into the texts. And I AM LOVING IT. Getting the people I love and serve to stay engaged in the message is not only fun, I'm getting some great feedback about what people are learning and how the Bible's content is affecting them. To the last sermon I ever preach I want to keep growing in my effectiveness as a communicator and in my capacity to love God and love the people He's given into my care.

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