Monday, February 08, 2010

In the next 5 minutes and over the next year

HT whoami?

We've been trying. Trying to step out on faith into what God is doing around the world. Trying to make a difference as a small group of people wanting to see the world change, to "Do Something!" Trying to shine a light into dark places in our neighborhood and around the world. And last year we saw God bless our efforts.

But... after watching that video one thing is obvious.

We need to do more. To do that, we need more people. More people who love Jesus and love people and want to change the world. More partners here at New Hope and more sister churches involved in sharing the love of Jesus with the poor and those in need.

We're praying for God to send those partners our way, but we're not waiting for them to show up. We're going out after them. Our outreach plan for this year is the most aggressive ever, and the ministry we'll be able to look back on at year's end will literally save lives around the world. Conversations that we are going to have with people about what God is doing and how they can get involved are going to call them to come and follow Jesus too.

Can I ask a favor of all you who will read this?

Would you pray for us as we go and serve?

We can't let the world continue to be like it was the last five minutes.

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  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Hey, David. Thanks for the comment on my post and for the HT. I really like the blurb in your "About Me" widget. We all need to be in way over our head!