Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections 14 June 2009

It just keeps getter better. The Holy Spirit is on the move and He's moving New Hope.

Going into today, I knew that we'd have several elements in worship that wouldn't be the norm.

First - We'd have the folks who went on the mission trip home and eager to talk about what happened.
Second - Larry Smith Sr. would give his testimony of how the grace of God changed his heart of rage and anger at the Vietnamese people into one that God could use to touch the life of a Vietnamese girl.

That would happen after a video challenge outlining our "Worth the Sacrifice" week of eating rice and beans.

So in looking at the music, I chose: God of This City and Hosanna, then Jesus Paid It All. Originally I had another song as well but we cut it in order to give more time for the testimonies.

The message was the last in the "Eyes Wide Open" series and it was set up to lead folks to be open to how God can change us, and how we are to respond.

More later

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