Monday, June 22, 2009

Church Planting - The Church at Skyline Valley

One of the critical needs as we seek to have the message of Jesus heard by as many people as possible is simply venues to hear it in. The culture has changed, and most churches have lost much of their effectiveness at reaching out into it. So new churches are desperately needed.

My friend Tim Fowler is a church planter. This time around he's planting a church outside Ft Hood Texas in a town called "Copperas Cove." The fledgling congregation will meet for their first preview service this weekend. Previews are a time to try to draw people who are looking to find a church, to work out the kinks behind the scenes, and to form a core of people who are totally sold out to what God is calling them to do and be. I can tell you that getting that "core" means everything. I wouldn't take anything for the core of people God has gathered at New Hope, so I'm praying like mad that God would send Tim exactly who he needs.

Tim is a hero of mine. Please pray for him and the church. If you'd like to send an email of encouragement, or something else encouraging $ :)

Phone: 254-285-8668


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