Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Review: "Eyes Wide Open" Jud Wilhite

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and having followed Jud Wilhite's work at Central Christian church in Las Vegas for a while now, was eager to dive in and see what the author had for us there. I was not disappointed, in fact I used the book as a general outline and partial source for a series of messages on approaching God, Our Identity, and Change with our eyes wide open. It worked very well.

The book is laid out in those three divisions, with individual chapters within each. As a storytelling pastor, I was especially interested in the stories that his ministry in Vegas had generated. The book was filled with instances of God's grace. Some celebrity names that popped up in the book - Evel Knievel, and "Dog the Bounty Hunter". But it's the stories of raw love and grace that really moved me.

This is a book that you could give to a new Christian, or to someone who's been a little jaded by the "Christianity" they have seen in the past, and walk away confident that if they read it, they will see the heart of God on display in real life.

The idea in "Eyes Wide Open" is to discover who God is, who you are in His radical love and grace, and find the path through this messed up world that following Jesus wholeheartedly supplies. Read it. Give it away.

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