Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning After Action Report

What a weekend!

The concert by EPIC427 was really good. Having the last beans and rice of the week right before the concert -not sure how to rate that. But the Spirit that was present Friday night really carried us through the weekend - even through a rare business meeting. :)

That's not to say we didn't have some challenges.

Knowing that John and Amy worked their tails off to get everything back the way it should be for Sunday, and that I didn't take the time to get up there to do an equipment check until an hour before worship griped me. Needless problems that could have been solved. Won't forget that again.

Given the number of people we had at worship practice then compare that to the multitude we had up front Sunday, combine it with a sound system that wasn't working right, and you have a sub par music portion when it could and should have been much better. Don't get me wrong, I worshiped, and I'm sure others did too, but we left some blessings on the table that we could have enjoyed. Bethany and Kira - we'll take a rain check for this coming Sunday.

We have some opportunities in the way we care for our kids, the way we greet our guests, and how our facilities are cared for. I'm hopeful we took a leap forward last night toward making those better. And yes, I have the church pictorial directory here by the laptop and am praying off and on through the day over the pictures asking God to place His servants where they were gifted to serve.

As we move through the Summer, I'm looking forward to the beach baptism blast! To seeing the nursing home ministry get off the ground. To more children being sponsored. To movie nights...

And I'm looking forward to sitting around a table hearing person after person talk about how amazing God is and how incredible it is to be a part of His Kingdom work.

My odometer will roll over 10 years next month here, and I've never been more excited or more proud to be the pastor of New Hope.

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