Saturday, March 05, 2011

There's Teaching, And Then There's Preaching

So today was one of those days where you endure.

Anybody out there had one?

A day you endure is one that you know you need to go through, but in the big scheme of things is just one paving stone on the highway. Not going to get you excited, and won't slay you. But you know you have to do it. So you endure.

I spent several hours I'll never get back in classrooms over at Gulf Coast Community College today, as I continue to work on teacher certification for next fall. Three separate classes. The first was technology in the classroom and it shouldn't be too bad overall. The second two were intros to two courses that are about student teaching. Oh my goodness they were dull and repetitive. But I took the notes and gathered the information I needed.

Still, I could not help thinking about tomorrow morning, when I will be teaching/preaching John 1:1-5. It is such a tremendous passage that all week long I could not keep it from popping into my thoughts. I found myself thinking about it in class today and taking notes on what popped into my head. Had to make myself stop and concentrate on class.

Make no mistake, I am going to work hard in my classes so that when I enter the classroom I will be the best teacher I can possibly be. And I'll do everything I can to help my students succeed in mastering their lessons. But I don't expect an eternal change as a result of what I do there.

Every time I preach I go praying that lives would change forever.

Not because I'm skilled, or well prepared. (Insert humble comment here)

But because God is in it. He's gathered the people. He's called the servant. He's directed my thoughts and guides what I say. And He has promised that if the preacher faithfully speaks the Word that God will see changes happen in people - even if I can't.

There's an excitement from just reading the Word -knowing that it's more than a book - that it is "God-breathed." I look at the passage I will preach through tomorrow and realize that even after hour upon hour upon hour of study, I will only scratch the surface of the mystery of God.

Yet I will be a part of His plan to let everyone who lives know that He has provided a Savior in Jesus.

That's preaching. And I can't wait!

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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Though the classes were, at times, repetitive, I could not help but be excited at the prospects that await us. We have such wonderful opportunities ahead of us!! Fusing your knowledge of the Word with what you're learning in the EPI classes will make you an amazing who cares about the eternal and academic lives of your students.