Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Mr Wilson :)

From It's Like Herding Cats
Well, I'm officially a substitute teacher. After spending some time yesterday in Amy Anderson's class to get oriented, today I was officially the "substitute teacher" while Amy went to a conference. Amy's an ESE teacher at Lewis School here in Valparaiso and has an all boy class (at the moment). Every one of the boys can touch your heart in one way or another - and they did mine.

Even with a "head start" from yesterday, I still needed some help from Amy's assistant to get started teaching. Her lesson plans were clear, I just didn't know what grade each of the kids were in. :) That helped a lot. Once that was cleared up, I was able to grasp where each of the kids needed to be. It was a blast to be able to help them work through some roadblocks and finish their work.

And yes, I ate in the cafeteria and got to play with the kids at recess! The atmosphere at Lewis is just infectious from the minute you get there. The principal, Mr. Fantaski, and a teacher Jimmy Harrison (who I met delivering Supper on Saturday a couple weeks ago) were at the curb greeting kids as they were being dropped off. And every other staff person I saw was just as kid-focused. Great school.

I saw lots of kids I already new from New Hope or from Bunny's piano teaching. Most of them were happy to see me but a couple were a little shocked. That was funny. "What are YOU doing here?" was the most common question and then when I answered it changed to "that's cool."

Once I got through today, I got about an hour turnaround at home before heading to New Hope. Bunny had spent hours cooking the chili for tonight's meal, so all I had to do was cook the grilled cheese sandwiches for tonight's meal.Once that was done, then worship practice and finally teaching 1 John 4. It was a LONG day.

But it's a good tired.

Going to dial it back to only two things tomorrow - sermon prep and then working on my schoolwork for Gulf Coast.

Because Friday I get to go teach Middle School!

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