Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Hey brother David! Hey Miss Bunny!"

We'll be here 12 years this summer Lord willing, and having a bunch of kids who are playing baseball across the street stop and call out to us NEVER GETS OLD! One of the things I felt God wanted me to do as a pastor was to connect in a real way with kids. Bunny and I LOVE kids and should have had a dozen. But for all the years here, God has blessed us with the chance to love many more than even the Duggars have.

And the rest of our companions here at New Hope also recognized that part of our calling as a group of Christians was to reach out in love to every child that we came in contact with. We've done everything we could think of to let them know that Jesus loves them and we do too. And when I hear them call our name, it never fails to make me grin.


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