Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Busy, busy

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If you read this blog on a fairly regular basis you know that I love to write. Writing for me is one of those acts of expression like music is to a pianist. And this called life is such a window into the work of God that I can't wait to try to paint pictures for you, dear reader, of what God is doing. But life has just hit maximum overload lately and I have been unable to keep up. So forgive me if I give you the "Cliff's Notes" version of what has been happening until things slow down.

Supper On Saturdays - Was able to participate again with delivery, and Pam and Jaime Roberts participated in cooking this past Saturday. The route was split so we didn't have as many people to serve, but it was still a huge blessing to be able to do it. Oh and I got promoted to driver/scooper of soup! Since I live and work in Valparaiso, I did not get lost once while we made 17 stops and delivered 57 meals. The weather was gorgeous and the people were warm and receptive. Was able to pray with one senior saint, and talked about New Hope with two other people. I placed a flyer for that night's family movie in each bag. Met some new people while serving alongside three others from FUMC Niceville. Great time had by all as we "loved, because He first loved us."

Family Movie Night - John Anderson and minions really worked hard prepping the fellowship hall with lights, a red carpet, and plenty of comfortable sanctuary chairs. Add to that the "Grillmaster" Frank Weech cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, Sydney Hoskinson dishing up the sno cones, and the work of Amy Anderson, Diane Weech, Micheal Weech, Kristen Morton, and Bunny and Sean behind the scenes and it made for a great event. Despicable Me was a great choice since the laughs were spread evenly over all ages. Met some new friends who came out to the showing and hope to meet many more as we'll do this again.

On the last week of the first trimester of teacher certification. Carrying high "A's" but the workload in these education courses has been the most I have ever encountered in any of the colleges, universities, or seminaries I have attended. Very challenging. Thank a teacher the next time you see one. People outside have no idea of the paperwork horrors they endure. Think of the DOD paperwork on steroids and you are getting close.

Began work last week on a series that starts this Sunday and will carry us through Easter. Haven't pinned a title yet, but "Introducing... Jesus" wouldn't be too bad. We'll use John's gospel to help us to step back and realize just what God has done in and through Jesus Christ.

Oh and small group starts again Sunday evening. :)

Pray for me.

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  1. I agree with you. These classes are extremely difficult. I am amazed that you were able to keep up, considering the busy life you lead!! See you in class on Saturday!