Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Did Something!

Our Saturday in the Park outreach's fruits are beginning to ripen. We are cutting the checks as we finish the accounting on what monies we raised for the ministries New Hope and the Child2Child girls support. The first check we sent out was to Africa Bags $715 dollars was over-nighted to their HQ in Colorado so the check could clear before they departed this weekend for Malawi. This is the second time we've sent money on after selling the bags made by women in Malawi. So we're now well over a thousand dollars in our support for what God is doing there.

When I was a little boy, my grandmother lived with an aunt who kept my brother and me after school while my parents worked. Her Singer treadle sewing machine was a fascination to me. To see the pictures of those women lifting their families out of poverty and building a future for their families at those machines moves me every time. Picking up a bag and seeing inside of it the village it was made in, written inside, just makes me happy to know that our smaller church is making a difference in places we may never actually visit in person.

We cannot fix the world. Neither can you. But we can DO SOMETHING! As Mother Teresa said "If you cannot feed 100, then feed 1." That's what we are doing, and our New Hope family is excited for what God is doing in, around, and through us.

Join us on the journey! Bring your dreams of what God could do if His people ran to the needs of people - wherever they may be. Help us tell the story of how Jesus knew us in our sins, and raised us to new life through His grace and gave us new hearts. You can make a difference too!

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