Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Recap May 23rd 2010

After a day of reflection over yesterday, I'm much more inclined to believe that the "Plan B" day was also a good day. I'm looking forward to next Sunday and sure that God will continue to work in us. Our work continues on bringing our best to the Master each Sunday, but He's faithful and will give us everything we need to get there.

Sunday's Music set was:
O Praise Him - David Crowder;
God of This City - Tomlin version,
It Is Well With My Soul;
Softly and Tenderly.

As you probably noticed, there are a couple of older hymns in the mix. It dawned on me yesterday that those are as contemporary as the rest of the songs, because we are dealing with the same issues that drove the writers of them. "It Is Well" fit great with the sermon, and is just a "heart" song for many.

I tried to use the life of Joseph as an illustration of just how even the worst things in life can all work together for God if we are hidden in the arms of God. My hope was that several different groups of people might be led to consider where they were with God. The retiree wondering what happened to my dreams. The teenager dreaming big but unprepared for the "Plan B" events. The person who felt alone without any idea of what the "plan" was.

A lot of Scripture, which Bunny let me know I read too fast. I've got to work on that. But Joseph's was such an amazing life that made a huge difference not just for a family, or even nations, but for God's plan to bring Jesus into this world.

We really don't know the results of an act of obedience and trust in the moment we do it, do we?

Praying we'll all be ready for "Plan B" - David

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