Monday, May 24, 2010

From Here, I Can See Them

Toward the end of last year, New Hope's Child 2 Child ministry - a group of little girls led by some amazing women - led us into learning about children who live with HIV. Their parents have passed the virus that causes the disease to them. We learned that 6,000 children become orphans EVERY DAY because they have lost their parents to death.

So these little girls decided they'd make a difference - that they'd "DO SOMETHING" about it. They made items to sell to others at New Hope, and before Christmas we had an Advent Conspiracy store opening and invited families and friends to shop among the items they made as well as some wonderful beads from HIV to Home. 

A few weeks ago, we had a booth at our local "Saturday in the Park" arts and crafts festival and offered the beads from HIV to Home with other items as well.

Well, between the two events, led by the girls actions and inspiration, we raised over $4200 and sent it to From HIV to home.

I'm sitting here tonight trying to imagine what it must be like for the adoptive parents that will receive the help - and for the kids who get a family to love and care for them. 

So I went to their website and looked at Kalkidan's picture. Look at that smile.

Somewhere soon there will be a child with a smile like that who will go home with their new family in part because some little girls, and the church they are a part of  - wanted to be involved in what God wants for that child - for that family.

I can see that from here. And I love it.

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