Sunday, May 23, 2010

Irony and Plan B

I've been more aggravated, but can't remember when. Preparing a sermon to help people understand what to do when your plans don't go well -


- Hard drive crashed in the sanctuary
- Video resolution on backup PC causes every single Power point slide to not fit the screen. All of the 60 or so in the worship ppt file as well as the 25 in my sermon. With 30 minutes to fix.
- Office printer decided to be finicky so the worship guides were still printing when someone needed copies.
- Video for Kidmo wasn't set up because the kids had unplugged it to plug in the Xbox
- Lots of people, including me and some other teachers got to church later than normal...

- Err...except the family visiting for the first time with 4 kids spread over a range from first grade to college who needed to place their kids in class. Oh and this was their first new church visit in ten years. The kids didn't want to leave Mom because it wasn't the church they had known all their lives.

How do I describe it?

It was like having company come while your fridge is being defrosted and the carpet has been shampooed and all the furniture is up on blocks.

Thus the picture.

All on the Sunday I'm to talk about how we need to trust God when our Plan A doesn't work.

God does irony well, doesn't He?

We got past it. The kids stayed in Kidmo and seemed to do okay. The slides got changed with ten minutes to spare. The printer finally got through, and I'll bring the regular PC in tomorrow and we'll be back to normal for worship next week. The sermon should have preached itself after all that though.

The best illustrations are always from life. :)

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