Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Hope @ Worship - 13 April 2008

Great day. Awesome weather and a great sense of God's presence.

Here I Am To Worship
How Can I Keep From Singing

(special - When We All Get To Heaven - sung by Joe Stoy and Craig Bryan)

Call Upon His Name
A Shield About Me

Special - I Can Only Imagine, sung by Emily Shermer

Hymn of Invitation and Commitment - Have Thine Own Way

We continued the series "Big Questions" with a really big one "What Happens When We Die?"

Audio is here, click on "What Happens When We Die"

My goal was to peel away the cultural barnacles and look at what the Bible says occurs after death. I tried not to get sidetracked and peek at "soul sleep", "What kind of bodies?", "harps or accordions?" etc. I really wanted to go into some of those areas, and I know Bunny wanted to hear more about heaven. Maybe that's the next big question - "What's heaven like?"

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