Saturday, April 12, 2008

Everyone is a writer

It's a rainy Saturday here. That cuts short any plans on a "surge" against the grass and weeds for now, and colors any ideas about getting out and about. The "grayness" descends, the street begins to dapple, then darken, and looking out the window objects seem to lose sharp focus as the rain inserts itself between the observer and the scene.

When I am really "into" a sermon preparation mindset, though, rain comes as a blessing. And today, as I'm continually popping in and out of that mode, I am especially grateful. Tomorrow, I tackle one of the "Big Questions" everyone will deal with - "What Happens When I Die?"

It's been a week of praying. Of searching the Scriptures. Of reading everything I can find on the subject, even if I've read it several times. Billy Graham's "Death and the Life After" has been a help. Eugene Peterson, N.T. Wright, Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, C.S. Lewis, and many others have weighed in. And I've plumbed the depths of my own experiences with loved ones, with people I've served as pastor - in my hope of having those who hear the message not only know what God has said through His Word, but experience the Holy Spirit's stirring toward change - at whatever point they are on their journey.

The mortality rate is, after all, 100%. Almost everyone will have their moment of publicity in their local newspaper and increasingly online. At that point what the world has gathered of the record of their days here will be open for public review. In a sense then, each and every person is writing that obituary as they live every day.

I'm debating whether to have an insert tomorrow with a layout of an obit and offer people that opportunity.

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