Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Music and Worship

Wednesday here is a flurry of activity. It is when "push comes to shove" as relates to what is going to happen in Sunday morning worship. For the last two years, we've operated with a praise team and no "Minister of Music." As a smaller church in a location that costs an arm and a leg to live in, we knew that our search was going to be difficult, but we trusted that God would provide.

He has in the form of a group of youth, kids, and now a smattering of adult men, who meet to practice for Sunday worship on Wednesday night before other activities begin. The reason we do it then is to maximize our trips to the church and limit time and cost for our volunteers.

That means that yours truly spends some time beginning on Monday thinking about what God would have us do. If I'm in a sermon series, that enters into the worship equation. I firmly believe that God can and does speak through song many times to people even if they have little interest in other parts of worship. Music has a way. So when I choose music for worship, I'm really trying to maximize our relationship that morning with God and with each other.

There are no quotas.

I don't look at what we have done and think "we only did one hymn last week, so we better do a couple" or "that was pretty old last week, better dial it up."

What I'm looking for is God.

In His majesty. In His power. In His intimate offer to join with us in relationship through His Son.

Yes we have to be able to sing it. Yes the words matter a great deal. Yes I'm aware of the preferences of all segments of the congregation. But we're auditioning for a place in the heavenly choir, aren't we?

So Who should we aim to please?

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