Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Falling Forward

That picture could have been taken in the New Hope Baptist parking lot Saturday. The only real difference is that there would have been an inflatable jumping "thingie" (what do you call those?)behind the guy in the kayak, and a few cars parked here and there.

We've partnered with the "Relay for Life Team" at Valparaiso Elementary in their drive to raise money for cancer research. (Personally, I hate cancer. It's taken both parents, many relatives, and quite a few friends. We even lost our beloved mini schnauzer recently to cancer.) Our idea was to do a fundraiser that would be fun for the school and neighborhood kids. Great idea.

Well, several things happened on the run up to the event. Publicity that should have happened didn't make it through the hoops. Working through the school system to publicize is slow and results are spotty. This time it dropped through a big crack. So our biggest base target basically did not know of the event. Then our local papers were missed as well. One got it on time but it didn't run for some reason, and the other didn't get it before deadline.

So now we know what happens when you give an event without publicity. Key learning touchstone.

Then there was the weather.

IT FLOODED. It began almost exactly at the start time, and it ended just after the time we had set to end. It was raining as hard as I have ever seen it outside hurricanes. The parking lot was under water, the gutters were spilling over, the drains were backing up and water was creeping toward the doors of the fellowship hall. Unbelievable.

And yet, we had a slew (Georgia speak for a lot) of volunteers show up. They had a great time together, and enjoyed the live animal shows and just being together. Disappointed? Sure, we were all there to meet people and help THEM have a good time while supporting the cause.

But we learned a lot Saturday. And for that I am grateful.

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