Monday, April 21, 2008

Among Men

Our "Wild At Heart" men's small group began tonight. I'm pretty wary of the current trend of "rah rah go men!" books and videos out there right now. And in fact John Ethridge went too far himself in my opinion at times in this study. But there were other times that I thought he connected.


When we talked about what movies we liked and the characters that we would see ourselves as in them, it was amazing how many of us chose the same ones. When we examined what we hoped to be remembered as, none of the "stuff" that we acquire along the way got any air time - it was as husbands, fathers, followers of Christ.

Yes we laughed at how they kept calling the area of Montana they were in, with rolling hills and grassland "untamed." Seemed pretty tame to me, and I haven't spent any time in Vietnam's jungles, Iraq/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia's deserts, or Afghanistan's mountains as some of the men gathered had. Sure we grinned when one man complained that his horse's favorite place in the world was "behind the horse in front of him with his nose stuck up his butt."

But we're working at being together, as men. And we're working together with the Holy Spirit as He works in us and among us.

Yeah, I like it.

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