Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sunday Recap - Easter 2010

Okay, so I'm late. Way late. But you don't know the half of it. I'm typing this on my laptop (circa 2005 Thinkpad) in front of a desktop (remember those) from 1999 that's running an aquarium screen saver with sea sounds. That has to be from the 1700s? Right? So time has no hold on me. :) All I can tell you dear readers is that Easter weekend always exacts a price from preachers - Good Friday, Easter Sunday service, etc. is something we LIVE FOR - but this year I added the KIDMO children's hour and an afternoon block party to the mix. Had a blast! Met lots of new friends all day long.

We focused on the resurrection in Easter worship. Duh. It's the center pivot of history and the defining fact of our faith. If Christ wasn't raised then we're a social club. So my hope was to go through the steps of the first eye witnesses and the results of their testimony. We had a great crowd including some visitors and hope that they found the Holy Spirit active in drawing them closer to Jesus.

Began by calling on people to exercise their curiosity concerning the facts about the resurrection as presented in the Scriptures. What would it lead you to conclude? Then moved into "now what?" mode which is where the average person finds themselves- if Jesus is alive, how then should we live?

Our music was a blend of old and newer, beginning with "Christ the Lord Is Risen" and ending with "Come Home Running." Had one of my very favorite songs in it too "I Will Rise" and Kristen Morton knocked it out of the park to kick it off. Very proud of the way the praise team is raising their "game."

So then at 2PM, we were over in Kelly Hills setting up an inflatable and our usual sno-cone and popcorn freebees. The neighborhood was having a "get to know you" block party and we came over to help out in that and meet the folks. The Quinnells and Smith's (Sr) have lived there for years. We played frisbee, basketball, refereed kids in the inflatable, and later in the evening showed a movie in Jim and Mary Quinnell's front yard. Something with Chipmonks singing and dancing. :) It was a blast! People came out of the woodwork to see it and laughed and laughed.

I think Jesus would have too, and I think He'd be pleased with the hard work of so many New Hope folks that made Easter 2010 one to remember.

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