Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday Recap - April 25th 2010

After the great day Saturday in the park, a bunch of us were feeling the effects of that labor of love. It was a good tired. Having the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people and to expose them to what God is doing around the world and here in Valparaiso was a rush. But I was really looking forward all week to coming together on Sunday. Here at New Hope it's like every Sunday is a family reunion. 

Second week of the "Primal" series and we looked at "Wonder" as part of what a person who loved God with everything would experience everyday. Oh how I can resonate with that theme. I don't know how many times, especially since we moved down here, where I have been blown away by what God has done in Creation, in provision, in people. "Wow!" is a proper response as is worship and that's what we did.

Our worship music set was:

Here I Am To Worship
Your Grace Is Enough
- we did not do "Forever" - I felt that we had hit a "sweet spot" and wanted to get into the message right then!
Come Just As You Are - was our commitment song

The message was really fun to prepare for even though the week was WAY over filled with prep for Saturday. We took a minute or two to review where we had come from and spent some time explaining how living with a sense of amazement and wonder - with excitement about what God has done, is doing, and will do - is key to loving God with everything you have. We are starving our souls by filling them with "junk food" like TV, internet, games and chat when we could be experiencing the presence, love, grace and mercy of Almighty God!

The audio actually did record this week. It seems to help if the preacher turns the mike on - so I'll upload it later and it will be available on the church website. New Hope Valparaiso

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