Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Recap - April 11, 2010

It was Air Show weekend here outside Eglin AFB, and we enjoyed a wonderful view of several of the participant's routines through the side of the sanctuary that's ALL GLASS. :) It's a challenge.:) :)

But what a beautiful Spring weekend!

Really had a great time with the KIDMO kids and then enjoyed playing with the praise band. The worship set included some songs we don't do often - "Indescribable", "Breathe", and one we haven't done in years - "Amazing Grace"... set to the tune of  the Animal's "House of the Rising Sun". It was a blast from the past, and the congregation loved it. The neat thing about "resetting" lyrics to another tune is that you "hear" those lyrics again after being a little deaf to them. Had one of our "Senior saints" approach me after the service and I braced a little inside. He said "That Amazing Grace was really good."

I love New Hope!

I wanted to continue the Easter narrative by really looking at the hearts of the followers of Jesus when they believed He had failed. So the Emmaus Road text was the path we used to understand how much we need to immerse ourselves in the Word and maximize our time with Jesus. So I began with the "FAIL" internet meme and walked with the congregation through the text. I really felt like it worked and the response seemed to bear that out. I've put the audio for it and last week's messages up on the website.

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