Sunday, April 18, 2010

Primal Christianity

I read this book a few months ago for the first time, then a month ago I read it again. Mark Batterson is one of the most unique pastors I have ever learned of. He seems to combine equal parts prophet and scientist. At first his writing style kind of put me off, but I made a decision to read on. This book is his third and while it does take some work to order his thoughts and insight, it's well worth the read. This morning I'll be using it as a touchstone to begin a look at the early church and why they were so effective.

Batterson believes that the church as a whole has lost the essence of what made it great. The single-minded focus on loving God with everything and using your life to show it. We've been on that trail for a while now at New Hope, so I initially put this book away, but it wouldn't stay under the pile. We need to be the greatest we can be at the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. So here we are.

Next weekend, we are going to move into uncharted territory. Our band of brothers and sisters are going to take what God has taught us- is teaching us - into the community and we will speak to our neighbors about what Primal Christianity is all about, as we seek to be a conduit of help and hope for the least of these. Pray for us today and through the days until then - that God be glorified.

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