Saturday, January 16, 2010

What? Who? When? Now what?

Been prepping all week not just on tomorrow's message but looking at the calendar and trying to plan the weeks up to Easter. Having had a church conference last week where we sketched out where we are headed this year in ministry and outreach, I got some understanding of what God is calling us to do. I LOVE being in those situations where the people of God get together and listening to the Holy Spirit, we come together with a shared sense of His call to all of us.

We've challenged ourselves, that's for sure. But it's God's call on our lives and we'll go forward trusting in Our Father to guide and to provide.

We're going to drill a well in Africa with the Water Project. The girls in Child2Child worked with them last year. 53 people will have clean water for ten years as a result. But with a deep well, thousands will benefit over the same period. It'll cost $4500. That's insane for New Hope to take on. And yet, I believe if you ask anyone who was at the conference, they will tell you it will happen because it is God's will for us to be the conduit His resources flow through to the least of these.

We're going to do it by telling the story of what God has done in us and through us to as many people as we possibly can. We'll have a booth at the Saturday in the Park here in Valparaiso and we hope to build on the success we had with our Advent Conspiracy store to help us fund the well while also helping other ministries fund their work.

We're going to help our friends at Relay for Life twice again this year.

We're going to show movies in the local parks at least twice to give back to the community and also to give them the opportunity to bless others.

We'll do the "Rice and Beans" event again to benefit the Amazima ministry in Uganda. God blessed amazingly last year through New Hope and we want to see that happen again.

And there's more. VBS, mission trips...

Lent, Good Friday, Easter, Beach Baptism, Thanksgiving and Christmas ministries and whatever else God sends our way.

If ever there was a church that could give a follower of Jesus something to do that would make a difference, it is New Hope Baptist in Valparaiso Florida.

Lord God, let us see You gathering workers and resources and scattering both in the dry places. Multiply New Hope's people and her impact.


  1. But what are y'all doing for the people of Haiti?

  2. We're partnering with several groups to get help to them. The need is both acute and chronic and we're trying to work both ways. So donations went out last week to the Red Cross, and others including Southern Baptist Disaster Response. Follow-on will be through Compassion, World Vision, Shoes4Souls, the Water Project and others we have worked with in the past.

    And I hope we get the chance to go later when we who don't have the critical medical skills needed can help in other ways.

    Thanks for asking.