Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Great? Awesome? - Not Us - Him

We're coming off the most successful year in the history of New Hope Baptist Church and yet Bunny and I had a very in-depth conversation recently about where we are as a church. And the consensus was that we really have some areas that need improvement. There are places where we are doing all we can do that need improvement and some that we could benefit from some help. Nothing new, but something to pray about and work through as we go into the new year. Some things need to change.

Sitting here praying/thinking about that conversation. "Best year ever!" still echoing.

If you take a look at what happened through the people of New Hope in 2009, then went back and took a roll call of how many we are I think you'd come away from a strictly human perspective and say "I don't know how they did all that."

Most of you have probably had the experience of having someone bring up in conversation how great their church is and how glad they are that they go there. "We have awesome _________ ." Our ________ is great!" They have a story to tell about some part of their church that they see as excellent and carry that belief into action by sharing it.

What I could tell people about New Hope is that we have a great God, loving people, and a passion for seeing the Kingdom of God draw near. But we're not great.

We have people who love God and serve people both within the church family and far, far outside the walls. I love them deeply. Bunny and I have poured our lives out here and walked down some hard roads with our friends at New Hope and also experienced many many joys in the journey. Our teachers are devoted to God and to their classes. Our worship team seeks to lift Jesus and help the rest of our gathering do the same. My heart's cry every Sunday is that when I bring the Word of God to the people that they would find that the Holy Spirit is at work here.

We're a small church with holes. We're not great, or awesome.

God is.

If we as a church accomplish everything we planned to do the other night in church conference, and even more besides, it won't mean that we've turned the corner and are great.

It will mean that God chose us for His glory.

And that what happened was only possible because He was in it. 

We'll keep working to improve, but I never want to lose the wonder and amazement of looking back at what happened and knowing that it was impossible for us to do.

God is great. God is awesome.

We're not.

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