Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Reading Through the New Testament

One of the goals for this year for me was to up my everyday reading of the Bible for personal devotional use. Through the course of preparing different teaching materials I read the Bible a lot, but that reading is mostly focused on what it means and how to convey it. I also read the Psalm and Proverb corresponding to each day, and some in either the gospels or the letters each day. But again, a lot of times I see something there that I can use for others and get drawn into treating the text as a tool.

Devotional reading is an appointment to meet with God each day and listen to Him speak through His Word. I looked at a bunch of Bible reading plans and settled on one put together by Discipleship magazine (pdf link) that would take me through the New Testament. This year I want to "Dive Deeper" into my relationship with Jesus, and so reading the NT as much as I can should give me a leg up on a deeper level of intimacy with Him.

What I'd love to do is to come back here the next day after I've completed the reading and share my impressions with you. If you are reading along with the plan, and I know that at least one New Hope Bible study class passed it out Sunday, maybe we can help each other gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for God's Word.

Beginning on New year's day, the plan called for me to begin in Mark and start by reading a chapter a day. I'll be back later with a synopsis of the days we've missed and then beginning tomorrow we'll take it one day at a time. On Saturday and Sunday there are no readings, but a time of reflection.

Let's dive deep in 2010 and let God's Word do its work in our hearts.

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