Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Recap 3 Jan 2010

New Year and new horizons brought a real excitement to worship today as many who had been away for the holidays returned. I had been working for a couple weeks on what to preach on today and the text in Luke 19 I posted earlier just kept coming back. So Zacchaeus it was.

It seemed to have the potential to challenge people to make some changes to adjust to where God was calling them. That was my hope.

Couple of quick notes about that -

The changes may come, but they might be unexpected and have unwanted effects..
And just repeat that for the second note.

For worship - we did "God of This City", "Indescribable", "How Can I Keep From Singing", "A Shield About Me", and "Softly and Tenderly."

Spent some time after with two of our deacons and their wives at lunch. Very grateful for their service to God and their love for their pastor and his family.

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