Saturday, August 01, 2009

See You Guys Later

Ironically, I am writing this as I approach an extremely rare event in the lives of Bunny and David Wilson. We are on vacation until Monday afternoon.

It's been ten years since we took a leap of faith and answered the call to New Hope, and the church has rewarded us with a couple of days away. We are going to do our best the next couple of days to slow down and enjoy the break. If we do well away, plans are to actually take at least a week off later. I think this will make a total of 21 days of off/vacation time in ten years, so obviously I haven't proved any mastery of the vacation idea before this. :)

We leave New Hope in good hands, on course for a great weekend of worship and fellowship. Child2Child should pass the $500 mark in their efforts to raise money for the Clean Water Project after Sunday's offerings. Brother Jack Anderson and his daughter Cathy Flores will lead New Hope in worship and praise tomorrow. Neither is a stranger to New Hope. Jack is an anointed preacher who just happens to be the father of John Anderson, and Cathy is a gifted worship leader who has blessed us previously.

Preparations will begin this week for our first Beach Baptism Celebration on the 16th, and Sunday Night At the Movies on the 30th. August is going to ROCK!

I look forward to hearing what God did among His people. But for now, see you guys later.

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  1. "If we do well away, plans are to actually take at least a week off later"

    Shouldn't that read "If I do well"? :-)

    Glad you got away.