Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parking Lot Encouragement

That's what Wednesdays feel like for Bunny and me.

It is the day when (insert cliche like "the rubber meets the road" here) and we have to have everything prepared not only for Wednesday, but roughed in for Sunday worship too. We make sure the powerpoint and music are ready, gather the materials for that night's excitement with the girls, and finish prep for Bible study. Oh and Bunny teaches piano that afternoon too.

Most weeks we come home after and collapse since it is past 8PM and eat a late supper (provided by the great folks at New Hope), and do mindless TV, facebook farming or read until bed. It's a draining day, but a good day.

Last night right before we left New Hope, I was walking around the parking lot saying hi to people who had come to pick up their kids. Wednesday nights are tough for some parents to make it to, or aren't their sort of thing. So it's great to connect with them when I can. And last night there was such a great Spirit at work among the folks as they left that the parking lot was the place to be.

One child came over and had me walk across the parking lot talk to her mom about a Korean variation on pizza.

Another came by and gave me a fist bump.

Then one gave me a sideways hug and said "I love you brother David."

And then people wonder why we love this place so much?

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