Monday, August 10, 2009

20 minutes, 4 times a day

Got off the phone with my Father in Law a little while ago. It had been a while since I had talked with him. He'll be 83 in November, and has suffered much the last few years with physical problems. The biggest struggle of all though has been the loss of fellowship with his sweetheart, Dot. I don't think any of us can believe she is gone. But Curtis is coping as best he can with being alone.

We talked about a wide range of subjects - from how horrible Vista is to him, all the way through his latest doctor visit (which was a good one!) and to what he eats and how he breaks his meals up into 4 a day so he can take his medicine and be able to go to bed and get up on his schedule.

He said that each time he does sits down to eat, he spends the time that he would have spent talking with Dot - talking with God in prayer. He told me this tonight - "I have 20 minutes worth of prayer, four times a day now. My list just keeps getting longer, but I believe in the power of God and prayer."

I told him I was glad I was on his list, and that he was on mine.

For me to know that my father in law, with all the needs he has, and all the struggles he goes through daily - to know that he is praying for me and for New Hope...

Touches my heart and makes me praise God for the blessings He has given through the life of Curtis Clinard.

I'd appreciate your prayers too.

Grace and peace,


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