Monday, December 15, 2008

What is New Hope?

What triggered this post? It was a young man who rode up on a bicycle he'd borrowed who wanted us to help him with some gas for his truck. He was deaf, and was trying to communicate his needs by writing them out on the inside of a worship guide we handed him. He passed several other churches on the way here. We finally figured out his needs and mobilized to help him. But it turned out his mom was nearby and help wasn't necessary after all.

But within 5 minutes we had three people involved trying to love our neighbor. There was never a question of if. There were resources both personal and corporate on hand to meet the needs.

This may be a smaller church by the measurements of the Southern Baptist Convention. Even our local association rates its members and gives churches our size the downgrade. But in terms of what percentage of our members are willing, ready, and eager to serve God and love our neighbors, I'll put New Hope up against any of the others.

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