Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Talked To God About You Today

Tuesday's are usually very calm here in my office and it's then I am able to have an uninterrupted block to use for prayer. For many years I have tried to find such a space every week to pray for every person who is a part of New Hope. Right now, it's Tuesday morning.

Being a part of us means you are someone who we know and come in contact with. That can be those who show up on Sunday and Wednesday night regularly. That can be someone who comes occasionally. It can also be those we see when we are delivering meals, or just in the community we love. If you showed up for the first time Sunday - you got prayed for today.

Let me give you a glimpse into what I prayed for today.

Today I have the grief of one family on my heart, and in particular that of two girls whose aunt passed away in Korea.
Then there's Allan, and the loss of his grandfather that still is affecting him.
There's Carol, and her heart for her friends the McDaniels in the storm their son finds himself in. I prayed for their son Bobby and all who love him.
And I prayed for Nathan, who woke up this morning far away from home.

Just a snippet. There's so much more.

There's Jonathan in Alaska, Rachel in Colorado, Michael and Kristen in Georgia...

and you. I prayed for you.

This is the work a pastor has to do, or he'll never understand how God's heart breaks for the people they both love.

This is the work that ties what we'll say for God on Sunday to what is going on in the hearts of those who come to hear.

This is that time that brings the pastor a glimpse of just why "Jesus wept."

So many times my heart breaks over what the people God gave me to love are going through. But I turn that, and the outcome of everything - over to God. "Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

For I know that God is staggeringly GOOD. And I know that I can care, I can empathize, I can even cry - But GOD CAN DO.

So despite what I've walked through in prayer, valleys of shadows turn to open horizons lit with God's amazing love.

I talked to God about you today.

And He told me He loves you.

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