Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Recap - 1/9/11

Wow it's cold!

Had a great morning at New Hope even though some of our folks were out sick. One of the real blessings in this New Hope family is the way we pull together to get the job done. Well that was the case again today.

We picked a worship set today that included some songs that would warm anyone's heart.
Today is the Day
Everlasting God
God of This City
I Have Decided

The sermon focused on how we are to handle times of trial - and handle fear, and came from Psalm 142.

In the text, David has followed God and yet finds himself in a bad way. He complains to God. It's raw emotional angst, and I love that the Bible shows us all of the lives of the saints - not just the good times. David takes his case to God and leaves it there, showing his confidence in God's knowledge of his situation and faith in God's provision.

When David got up the next morning, he was still in a cave.

But he knew what we need to know.


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