Sunday, January 23, 2011

In A Quiet Sanctuary

I'm praying now in a silent sanctuary here at New Hope. Praying that God's Son will be lifted up so that everyone can see how good He is, and how a life in Him can be more than anyone ever dreamed. It's rare for me to have this time on Sunday morning, and I cherish it. I look out over the seats and remembering who sits where (we're Baptists after all:) ) I say a prayer for each person, couple, or family by name. Some won't be here today. One couple is sick, and another is away. Others may not come today.

But they will be prayed for.

And I pray for me. The responsibility of bringing the Word of God to people is terrifying. The fear of saying the wrong thing and sending someone in the wrong direction pops up now and then. You never finish preparing a sermon, or finish preparing the person who delivers it. I'm praying that I get out of God's way and allow the Holy Spirit full use of whatever I have to offer.

Pray for me. Pray for us at New Hope. Pray for churches and pastors today who carry the good news of Jesus to people who need His saving grace.

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