Monday, January 31, 2011


From It's Like Herding Cats - A Pastor's Life, you've come to my blog 6 times today. You came 5 times yesterday. You live in Niceville, have a Mac with Safari and a PC running Internet Explorer and Vista and are connected to the internet through Cox communications.

I must be one interesting character. :) Life's kind of busy for me right now so I haven't been able to blog as much as I was, and I really need to get better at letting people know what's going on with my family and with our spiritual family here at New Hope.

New Hope is a unique group of people who are really working sacrificially to make a difference here and around the world. We're small, but we're believing in a large God who can do more than we could ever ask or imagine. We figure that no one would have a problem believing a mega church would do big things, but if we see big things happen - it had to have been God.

If you are interested in walking with a group of people who love God and each other, you should come check us out.

Please feel free to email and ask any questions you might have.



  1. "When I was considering becoming the pastor of the faith family I now lead, I thought and even said to other people, 'This church has so many resources-so many gifts, so many talents, so many leaders, so much money. If this church could get behind a global purpose, it could shake the nations for the glory of God'" ~ David Platt; Radical.

    He goes on to say how he realized this thinking was way off the mark. No church, no matter how big or how many resources they may have, can do anything of significance for the kingdom of God apart from the work of the Holy Spirit in that church.

    You are absolutely right that a church doesn't have to be big, with many resources, to do big things for the glory of God, but it also doesn't have to be small for the Holy Spirit to be present and working through it.

  2. Hi Missy! Great to hear from you - and great to see you, Kevin, and Levi a while back at the Lifeway store in Destin. That was a long day for me - was in school in Panama City all day, but to see you all and then have Levi lean against me, call me "Pastor David" and offer to share his candy was the highlight.

    On your comment - you're right. We can't wish away the differences between big church and small church or pretend they don't exist. What we can do though is acknowledge what we have in common - a need for people united in love and commitment and empowered by the Holy Spirit. In the end, the size of the group a Spirit-directed Jesus follower is in is irrelevant. We just need to be where God wants us, doing what He wants us to do.

    Great to hear from you. Give all the kids a hug from Bunny and me.