Monday, November 15, 2010

We'll Hold the Ropes - A Week eating rice and beans

"I will venture to go down, but remember that you — you who remain at home — must hold the ropes." -William Carey, father of modern missions

I can remember the first time I heard about what God was doing in Uganda through Katie Davis. Admiration and amazement came to me in equal amounts. How this young woman would see caring for orphaned children in Africa as better than life here in the USA and then how in the world was she able to do it?

Once I spent some time reading her blog and hearing her stories, it was obvious that God was using this woman to teach a lot of others about living for Him. Amazima Ministries is the organization that grew out of her desire to love and care for these children. One Sunday School class at New Hope, led by John and Amy Anderson, started supporting the work there and last year all of New Hope joined in a week long focus on it. Many of us decided to forgo our regular meals for 5 days in favor of eating rice and beans. For most of the world, that's their staple diet. The idea was to identify with them,and then take the money we would have spent on our normal food and eating out and give it to Amazima.

We're doing it again. Bunny and I ate rice for breakfast and lunch today and we'll eat rice and beans for supper tonight. Is it a HUGE sacrifice? No.

But is it one of those decisions you make that can cause you to focus on Jesus, His work, and the "least of these"? Yes, I believe it can.

What you can do. Pray for us. And if you are moved to support the work of Amazima, great.

Not many of us will ever be able to care for orphans in Africa in person.

But we can hope the ropes for those who are.

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