Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sunday Recap 11/7/10

Well the week is picking up steam so I'd better get the recap of last Sunday down before I have to do a duplicate post. It's officially fall here now and with the daylight savings time expiration and the weather I knew it'd be interesting. It was.

Bunny helped out with the elementary kids (Kidmo) and I took the youth filling in for Brenda and Pam. I think we both came away with the impression that we have a golden opportunity to reach these kids with the gospel. But you knew that already.

Our worship set Sunday was:
Mighty To Save
Blessed Be Your Name
Consuming Fire
I Surrender All

Of all of them I'd have to say that "Mighty To Save" seemed to pull people into worship. As much as I want "Consuming Fire" to touch the congregation's hearts as it does mine, it may be that it's more of a praise band song. Still, the words helped with the message in the morning as well as in small group Sunday night.

The premise behind the message was for us to look at the actions of someone who placed his confidence in God and was sensitive to the Spirit. Jonathan was convinced that God wanted the Israelites to triumph over the enemies of his people and he was tired of seeing Saul's men cower in fear. So he and his armor bearer deliberately picked a fight with the Philistines. The only way they possibly could have won is for God to have enabled it - He did - and it sparked a rout of the whole Philistine Army!

For us here at New Hope, (and for you) it's important to realize that if God calls us to do something He will provide what we lack to do it. Notice I did not say "what we need" because it may be that part of what we need is already here - just not being used. Could be a person who isn't serving. Could be money we haven't given. Could be a relationship we haven't formed. But God can be trusted.

After all didn't we read..."...for nothing can hinder the Lord. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!” Sam 14:6 (NLT)

The battle, my friend, is the Lord's.

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