Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Recap August 29, 2010

For three years now, we've been part of the Sole4Souls team of people who are working to make sure everyone has shoes. Such a simple thing to any of us - need shoes, go to the closet. Want new shoes? Go to the store. But for most of the world on an everyday basis, that's not reality. And for people after disasters who have lost everything - the same is true. So New Hope stepped forward again this morning and gave. To overflowing.

Never known a more generous group of people. Ever.
Never known fewer people to do more to change the world.

My prayer, my several times a day, everyday of my life prayer...
is that more people would experience the joy of serving among people like them.

So, about today....
People still buzzing about the "New Hope Jeopardy" we played at the church social last Sunday night. Oh yeah, I'll be sharing some of the wacky answers in coming weeks. But seriously - love getting to know more about the people I serve with.

- Youth - I haz dem. :) I'm getting a chance to teach the HS youth for a couple weeks and I love it.

- Worship - from the announcements on - it rocked. The full belly project video was really enlightening and inspiring. The Child2Child girls did a great job. And John Anderson really put it all in context. Again,if you want to change the world - no better place to do it from than New Hope Valparaiso

- Music - Probably the best worship music set we have ever done. It was like the Dove awards or something. *Everlasting God, *Mighty To Save, *Revelation Song - I saw people raising their hands in praise IN A BAPTIST CHURCH!!!

-Message - continued in Colossians

Wasn't happy with it. Trusting that the Holy Spirit used it in ways I couldn't see.

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