Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday Recap August 15, 2010

Had a great day. The Bible Study classes seemed to be filled with people wanting to know more about how to follow Jesus. The Kidmo kids sure were busy during the week getting their take home papers done, because the Kidmo store got lit up when they redeemed their Bible bucks. I passed out the questions for this coming Sunday's ice cream social game  - "New Hope Jeopardy" in envelopes marked "TOP SECRET." Hopefully we'll get some really interesting answers and by playing the game we'll all come away knowing more about each other.

Worship - one of the best I can remember in a long time. Beginning (and ending) it with "Today Is the Day" sure didn't hurt. That is a great anthem of worship and had people enthusiastically singing and clapping - IN A BAPTIST CHURCH!!!!  Who knew? :)  We added "Arise", "Our God Saves", and offered the invitation with "Softly and Tenderly." Then we sent everyone out with "Today Is the Day" again. Just so uplifting. Great job by the praise team today even if we were missing two key folks.

The sermon continued our look at Paul's letter to Colossae and tackled the problem of legalism. I'm going to write a separate post about the sermon, but I think that the Word got through some barriers in people's hearts Sunday. Wish it had been recorded, gonna work on fixing the problems with that this week.

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