Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Recap Aug 22, 2010

We've been looking forward to this weekend for weeks, as we were going to have a pretty rare event - a church wide social. One of the areas we've identified as "needs improvement" at New Hope is our relationships with each other across genders and ages. When you are a church that meets only two times a week, even a smaller church, you can get in "silos" where you know the folks in your Bible Study class well, but not the good people in the next one. So we've revved up our monthly game night again for the fall, and are going to have some activity each month like our ice cream social tonight. New Hope has great people and getting them together tonight (as many as we could) was awesome. But let me go back to the morning activities.

Had a good turnout for Bible Study and some really great volunteers that stretched to cover some holes. Got everyone taken care of and I hear good things about what went on.

We headed over to worship and the praise band led us in:
Today Is the Day
How Great I Our God
Whole World In His Hands
and Just As I am as the invitation hymn.

I used two video clips today that caused me to run a little longer than planned, but they really were great. One dealt with the danger of slipping into a meaningless ritualistic Christianity and the other really hammered the need to trust Christ and let His Holy Spirit change you. Felt like a bit off a chunk of Scripture and had to work to keep moving through, but I think the core of the message made it through. Had a visitor indicate that he had trusted Christ as Savior so God was working today and that's awesome.

Next week is Barefoot Sunday, where we finish our collection for Soles4Soles so you know it's going to be great. Plus we decided we are going to do our favorite 4 worship songs so you better get ready to leave your voice at New Hope if you join us next Sunday - and you ought to join us. :)

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