Monday, June 28, 2010

A Week In the Life

Was sitting here thinking about last week at New Hope and wondering if anyone else realizes just how different we are. Most churches now are employing large staffs to be able to get things done and then hiring professionals to take care of their facilities. Many also employ outside help to staff the nursery or pay their musicians. The New Hope family does all that and more.

Just in the past week -

Monday we had several women take on cleaning up the kitchen. They did an awesome job. If you aren't involved in the fellowship meals you might have missed it. Thanks Carol, Diane, Jimmie, and JoAnn.
Scott did his usual great job at making sure our finances were in order.

Tuesday the band met to rehearse Sunday's music. They are putting in a couple extra hours a week trying to get better at leading in worship. Thanks Amy, Pam, John, Sean, Taylor, and Bunny.

Wednesday night we had several people helping make sure everyone was fed and that everything was cleaned up. Oh and Allan's birthday was taken care of. Thanks Carol, Diane, Frank, Joe, JC, Brenda, Mack, and Larry. The praise team rehearsed with all the band plus Jessica, Danielle, Emily, and Jamie - oh and JoAnn helped with the power point. Then Hector and Jessica helped clear the stage for the memorial service Friday. Thanks everyone.

Thursday - Jim Quinnell was going on vacation the next day, but made sure his church's yard was cut and trimmed. Thanks Jim. John Anderson came and programmed the A/C for the memorial service Friday. Scott came up with Sean and they began working on filling holes and low spots in the fellowship hall floor. It took several trips as they had to let it dry between coats. Thanks John, Scott and Sean.

Friday - Craig and crew (don't know who else) made sure the materials were ready for Saturday's work day. Craig cleaned the fellowship hall to make sure the flooring would meet no problems.

Saturday - At 6:30 AM, the work crews were at it in the fellowship hall as well as outside. Both crews did an amazing job. Thanks Carol, Joe, JC, Frank, Larry and Brenda, Scott and Sean, Craig, Mack and Hector.
Sunday - at 5:15 AM, John Anderson comes up to double check the A/C. At 9M, Larry and JoAnn, and Mack show up to open the buildings and provide the donuts that New Hope loves.

That doesn't include the preparation and teaching time that all our teachers in RAs, girls ministry, Kidmo, youth and adult Bible study put in. Thanks Joe, Larry, John, Bunny, Mary, Harriet, JoAnn, Pam, and Jessica. Or the service in the nursery done this week by Frank and Diane. It also doesn't include the folks taking care of Robert and Jewel, checking on Evelyn Brown, and who took food over or helped Thelma Rhinehart through the loss of her sister.

With all the above, I've still probably missed something and someone. There's so much work that goes on behind the scenes.

But what I am trying to help everyone see is that New Hope is unique and special because of people who give their time, talents and resources to make her all God is calling her to be and to do. I have never seen a church like ours. I think there need to be a lot more like her though. Did you realize just how much your friends did for God and His church last week? Give thanks to God.

Would you do one thing more for me?

If you are one of the people listed above - keep doing what you are doing. You matter to our mission - to God's plan.

If your name isn't listed and you'd like to find a place to serve, see me. We've got more we could do if we had more people to serve. Maybe you'd like to make followup calls to visitors or send cards to people we've missed seeing. Perhaps you are a keyboard wiz who could help input data for Scott. Or maybe you can cook and would be interested in helping out one week a month with the meal. If you want to serve alongside others, we'll find a place.

And if you have a friend whose not serving in their church but wants to make a difference, invite them to come and visit. The only way to grow a spiritual muscle is to use it. We can help them with that. :)

I thank God for you.


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