Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This Is What A Man Does

He failed. Spectacularly. At the thing he'd built a career on getting right. From calling High School, to working College games, to years spent in the minors, and for over a decade in the pros, Jim Joyce was known as an ump who made the right calls.

Not tonight. At least not at first.

With two outs in the final inning of what had been a perfect performance by Detroit pitcher Armando  Galarraga, a ground ball was hit to the right side of the infield. The first baseman ranged to his right and Galarraga moved to cover the bag. He got to the bag and caught the throw in plenty of time. Umpire Jim Joyce was in perfect position to make the call.  He made it.

And he was wrong. It cost Galarraga a spot in history.

Listen friends, all men fail. Even highly skilled and fiercely dedicated ones. That's a given. What isn't a given is what they do when it happens. Many pretend they didn't. Others place blame somewhere else. But real men of integrity and character OWN THEIR FAILURES.

Like Jim Joyce did.

“I just cost that kid a perfect game,” Joyce said. “I thought he beat the throw. I was convinced he beat the throw, until I saw the replay. It was the biggest call of my career,” said Joyce. After he viewed the replay, Joyce went into the Detroit dugout and apologized for missing the call to Galarraga personally.

That's what a real man does.

Bravo to Jim Joyce.  Bravo to Galarraga who when the call was made did not blow up but went back to the mound and took care of business and got the final out.

Well done.

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