Friday, June 04, 2010

A Demonstration Plot For the Kingdom of God

It had to be from God.

There's just no way anyone sets out to live this way. There's no way that a community founded on living out the New Testament makes it 68 years.

And yet this "demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God" is still existing and still drawing people into the experiment - and toward the Way of Jesus. Just received their newsletter in the mail recently and it was bursting forth with what was happening on the farm and really around the world as a result of the vision of Clarence Jordan and those who have followed in his steps.

When you ride through the fields of the South, if you are observant, you'll frequently see signs set out at the edges of the fields that tell you what variety of seed is planted there. Often after harvest, you'll also see signs telling you what the yield per acre was. The other thing you will notice is funny shaped plastic "cups" that collect insects. The farmer will then work to control those insects by means of aerial crop spraying. It's all done to try to get the best outcome from the work and the investment they've put into that field.

I'd say that God received and receives to the present day a wonderful return on His investment at Koinonia Farm. The signs are planted all over the world. Habitat for Humanity was birthed here as Jordan and Millard Fillmore saw a need to mobilize people to construct housing for the poor. Today they test sustainable agriculture, seek green ways of living, and work among their neighbors in service. I thank God for the work of His people at Koinonia.

May they continue to grow and demonstrate God's love. One of the days I really want to make a trip there and spend some time walking the fields Clarence Jordan loved so much, and learning more about what "risky" Christian community really is all about.

If you would like to support their work, not only can you donate online, but they also have some wonderful products made at the farm as well as fair trade products produced elsewhere. Copies of Clarence Jordan's writings, sermons, and his "Cotton Patch Gospel" are also available. Check them out.

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