Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday Recap 090609

Actually had a lot of fun with the graphics but they carried a deep truth about Christians who should be full of life and yet are living dead.

Ok, overall look at Sunday - lots of visitors and lots of home folks out of town or just out. Still, good crowd. After last weekend's highlight of the beach baptism and cookout I had selected songs that really focused on praising God, even though they didn't really mesh with the message. I just had to celebrate and thought that the rest of New Hope would want to as well.

"How can I Keep From Singing?" - Tomlin
"O Praise Him" - Crowder
"Hosanna" - Baloche

"Come Just As You Are"

My hope for the message was to set it in context then and bridge to today. Sardis was rich and totally free of the trials that the other churches were experiencing because they had religion but not a living relationship. It happens. I spent some time on what the "requirements of my God" meant for today, and how that would play out in the life of a believer today.

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