Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Couldn't Wait Until Thursday

Wednesday is a push day for Bunny and me, and is kind of a blur from daybreak to evening, but after finishing Tom Davis' novel "Scared" yesterday, I could not wait to tell you about it.

Tom knows Africa and its problems well, having immersed himself in trying to bring hope to the people there through Children's Hope Chest. He has written a work of fiction that is done so skillfully in context that you forget it isn't a true story. Tom calls it "fiction with a conscience", and I know it caused me to really examine what I should do in light of the pressing needs of the least of these.

Strong character development and a real flair for the flow of action make this book a real page turner and difficult to put down. The rawness of life on the edge of civilization is presented so well that your mind starts to paint the scenes and you begin to "see" the people. The realities of the present day from media whims to sham "helping hands" organizations are also part of what becomes a cogent and coherent story that you put down at last having been pulled, pressed, stretched and touched.

It is a deeply moving book.

Buy it. Read it. Share it.

I'm trusting that the Spirit will use Tom's work not just in this book, but through Hope Chest to make a difference.

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