Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Night Recap 09.27.09

- Wow, that was a fast sermon! I knew that without all the heavy contextual work it would be shorter than the past few weeks, but it was much shorter than it felt when I put it together.

- The Crazy Love Small Groups are going to be starting in October so make sure you sign up. Awesome book with potential for real life change.

- Worship music - The Heart of Worship - didn't Bethany and Kira do great to kick it off! We are blessed to have some young people with talent and hearts to match. "Holy Holy Holy" - every time I sing that song I know I will sing it better one day in heaven. "All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises" -so we put the jolt at the end this week. Great job by Sean on electric guitar to put the "blast" like Psalm 150 but present day. "My Jesus I Love Thee" is just a heart song.

- There were a couple of take-aways from what happened with Jesus, the paralytic, and his friends I want to mention again.

1. It was hard. Getting their friend from home to Jesus, fighting through the crowds outside, carrying him upon the roof, taking the roof apart and then lowering him down slowly and carefully. I'll bet they were worn out.
2. It was unorthodox. No one had EVER DONE THAT BEFORE. And it was exactly what needed to be done. Sometimes what the "church people" want us to do is contrary to what Jesus would have us do. I say - stick with Jesus.
3. It was costly - Time off work, money to repair the roof, loss of reputation with the religious leaders. None of it mattered though. If they could get their friend healed, they were willing to pay the price.

Are we?

Are we willing to push past the difficulties of trying to reach people in our culture and get out there with the good news of Jesus?
Are we willing to put aside our "old time religion" style and bring media,music, and message to the people in a way that it would speak to them?
Are we willing to pay the price for following Jesus as He reaches lost people?

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